Arun Kumar Chaudhary

Chairman, CG Learning

A team of highly experienced professionals capable of resolving the drawbacks of the Nepalese education system have put their heart and soul together to establish a leading academic institution called Excel Business College. It is not just a college; it is a dream envisaged by the founders and a resolution on their part to help fulfill the ambition of its students and cater to the needs of the society at large.

We carry a vision of weaving youth’s potentialities into a beautiful tapestry, well-blended with the different colours of knowledge. We act as a catalyst to the metamorphosis of students from delicate adolescence to responsible maturity. We promote application-oriented studies in order to equip our students with necessary theories as well as practical experiences so that they can tackle any difficulty in their career.

We recognize your concern. We will be glad to respond to your queries and value your suggestions. I, on behalf of my team, welcome you to Excel Business College and wish you a spectacular success in your life.