The BBA is a four-year bachelor degree programme spread over eight semesters. A student needs to successfully complete 126 credit hours of course work, a summer project and an internship before graduation.

BBA programme is designed to provide an excellent all round business education. Throughout the programme, you develop both academic knowledge

and practical skill. It is a four year, eight semester academic course that zeroes in on the managerial expertise of young learners. The course has a strong international flavor which is conductive to the understanding of business in the globalized economy. This programme best suits those who do not gain an overall good understanding. Having adopted the individual-centered learning approach, the programme, at Excel, unearths the hidden potentials of its students and motivates themselves in the globalized business world.

Semester I Semester II
Course Code Course Description Course Code Course Description
ENG 101

MTH 101

ACC 121

MGT 111

MIS 101

English I

Business Mathematics I

Financial Accounting I

Principles of Management

Computer & IT Applications

ENG 102

MTH 102

ACC 122

PSY 201

ECO 111

English II

Business Mathematics II

Financial Accounting II

General Psychology

Introductory Microeconomics

Semester III Semester IV
Course Code Course Description Course Code Course Description
ENG 201

STT 101

FIN 131

SOC 101

ECO 201

Business Communication

Business Statistics

Essentials of Finance

Fundamentals of Sociology

Introductory Macroeconomics

ENG 202

STT 201




Business Communication II

Data Analysis and Modeling

Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour

Principal of Marketing

Financial Management

Semester V Semester VI
Course Code Course Description Course Code Course Description
ACC 221

RCH 311

MGT 314

MGT 311

Basics of Managerial Accounting

Business Research Methods

Management of Human Resources

Fundamentals of Operation Management Concentration I

MIS 201

LAW 291

MGT 212

PRJ 491

Introduction to Management Information Systems

Legal Aspects of Business & Technology

Business & Society

Project Work

Concentration II

Semester VII Semester VIII
Course Code Course Description Course Code Course Description
MGT 411

MGT 312

INT 391

Business Environment in Nepal

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


Elective I

Concentration III

MGT 412

MGT 313

MIS 202

Strategic Management

Introduction to International Business

Essentials of E-Business

Elective II

Concentration IV