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BBA programme is designed to provide an excellent all round business education. Throughout the programme, you develop both academic knowledge and practical skill. It is a four year, eight semester academic course that zeroes in on the managerial expertise of young learners. The course has a strong international falvour which conduces to the understanding of business in the globalized economy. This programme best suits those who do not wish to focus on any particular area of business but aim to gain an overall good understanding. Having adopted the individual-centered learning approach, the programme, at Excel, unearths the hidden potentials of its students and motivates them to express themselves in the globalized business world
The Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) is a four-year bachelor degree programme spread over eight semesters. A student needs to successfully complete 126 credit hours of course work, a summer project and an internship before graduation. The BBA-BI at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Pokhara University is designed to produce professional managers for banking and insurance businesses. The programme provides students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skill in various areas of banking, finance and insurance.
Admissions open for BBA and BBA-BI programs at Excel International College. These programs are affiliated to Pokhara University. Scholarships available for deserving students. Paid internships for top ten BBA and BBA-BI graduates. Hurry up and apply for admission.


  • Career and passion: two different aspects which are often perceived as one by many and different by few. At Excel, I am fulfilling my passion and creating a pathway for my career. I am thriving to make career in the field of business as well as catering to my passion of being a media-person. Carrying these two aspects together is not an easy task. The journey is not as easy as I had thought. Indeed, it was a hastle managing family, friends, passion and studies in a 24 hour day. But, I am highly indebted to Excel International College for such immense support and co-operation. Hadn't the college and the faculty members been so supportive, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to realise my dream and pen it. I, Alina Bista, pioneer Batch of Excel International College, would like to suggest you to live your passion and career. And, the college is always supporting enthusiasts like you. Alina Bista BBA 8th Semester.
    Alina Bista

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